Trott Campaign Debuts “Southeast Michigan”

COMMERCE, MI – The Trott for Congress campaign today released a new television ad, “Southeast Michigan.” The ad features Trott discussing how he has lived in Southeast Michigan his whole life, raised his family here, has deep ties to the community, and is asking voters for their support. The campaign has purchased time for the 30-second spot on network and cable stations in the 11th District. View the ad HERE.

Southeast Michigan

In the ad, Trott states:

I’ve lived in Southeast Michigan my whole life.

It’s where my wife and I have raised our three children, and where I created 1,800 jobs.

I want to go to Washington to get our economy going again.

I won’t be a rubber stamp for the Obama agenda… and I will work with everyone to create jobs.

I’m Dave Trott. I approve this message, and I’m asking for your vote. Together, we can get Washington out of the way.

Over the weekend, Mitchell Research/Fox 2 released a poll which had Dave Trott up on his opponent 47% Trott-35% McKenzie.  In addition to the hundreds of endorsements from elected officials and grassroots leaders, Trott reported $1,100,000. cash-on-hand earlier this month. Dave Trott is the Republican candidate running in Michigan’s 11th District. For more information, please visit