Dave Trott is fighting in Congress to create a healthier economy for Southeast Michigan and to get our nation back on track. Dave knows that reducing regulations, overhauling the tax code, and cutting wasteful spending will create more jobs for Michigan families.  Dave supports:

  • Fewer and smarter regulations
  • Reduce wasteful Washington spending to provide certainty to job creators
  • Improve education and job training for students and employees
  • More affordable and reliable American energy
  • Tax reform that promotes job creation


As Michigan’s leading voice on foreign affairs, Dave Trott is working to strengthen America’s national security, ensure our military remains the strongest in the world, and protect Michigan families from threats terrorist groups like ISIS. Dave has fought for important legislation that bolsters our military, voted to pause the Syrian refugee resettlement until every refugee can be properly screened, and opposed President Obama’s plans to transfer terror suspects for Guantanamo Bay to the United States.


Dave Trott believes Washington needs to focus on patient-centered health care reforms that strengthen the doctor-patient relationship, lower the costs of health care for Michigan families, and eliminate the big-government mandates imposed by Obamacare.  Dave supports free-market solutions such as allowing insurance to be sold across state lines, increasing insurance portability, putting patients in charge of health care spending, ending needless lawsuits, and protecting those with pre-existing conditions.


As a father, Dave Trott knows that a top-notch education is the key brighter future for our children and grandchildren.  The federal government has grown taken too large of a role in education and mandates like Common Core standards only tightened the grip of DC on our kids’ education. That’s why Dave has supported important reforms that replaces No Child Left Behind and gives more control back to our local school districts and communities. Dave believes parents and teachers should be teaching our kids, not Washington bureaucrats.


Dave Trott isn’t a career Washington politician—so he knows firsthand how frustrated the American people are with Washington.  Too often, Washington has been making the lives of Americans more challenging, rather than fixing the problems our nation faces.  Dave is focused on policies that will reduce the size of Washington and allow Michigan families and small businesses to thrive.  Dave believes the best solutions come from the hard-working people of Southeast Michigan, not from Washington bureaucrats and career politicians.


Dave Trott believes our military veterans and their families deserve the best possible care when they return home. Our veterans fought for the nation’s freedom, and they shouldn’t have to fight red tape and bureaucratic slowdowns at the Veterans Administration.  Dave has been listening directly to our veterans and working to ensure Southeast Michigan’s veterans have access to the services they have earned and receive the care they deserve.