Bowman, Cox, Gratz, Pappageorge & Patterson Back Trott

Conservative Leaders Pick Trott


COMMERCE, MI – Oakland County businessman Dave Trott today announced several high profile conservative leaders and activists that have endorsed his campaign for Congress.

“It is a honor to receive the endorsement of these leaders and activists from across Michigan. Our campaign team continues to grow because of my firm commitment to cutting spending, lowering taxes and promoting the free enterprise system,” said Dave Trott.

Founder of Union Conservatives, Terry Bowman stated: “When the going gets tough, Dave Trott stays fixed to principle over politics. He’s the conservative leader we need in Washington.” Bowman was one of the central activists involved in the efforts to make Michigan the 24th state for Freedom in the Workplace. Earlier this year, Bowman received the Senator Everett Dirksen Award from the National Right to Work Committee for his efforts.

Former Attorney General, Mike Cox stated: “Dave Trott is a true conservative and a man of character. We need to elect principled leaders like Dave Trott in Congress. I proudly endorse Dave Trott for Congress.” Mike Cox served as Michigan’s 52nd Attorney General from 2003-2010. Widely regarded as one of the most conservative Attorneys General in the nation during his tenure, Cox was one of the first Attorneys General in the nation to sue the U.S. government over the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Founder of the XIV Foundation, Jennifer Gratz stated: “Over the last 15-plus years, I’ve watched elected officials who without a doubt believe in conservative principles but fail to serve our principles well because they, unfortunately, aren’t strong communicators. There isn’t an issue in which strong communication is more important than the tough issue of equality. Dave Trott is a strong communicator, and he is a leader who is willing stand up for our constitutional right to be treated equally and fairly by our government – no special preferences or quotas. We need more principled leaders like Dave Trott who stand up for conservative causes and help conservatives fight for what we believe in.” Last week, Gratz attended oral arguments in the US Supreme Court for BAMN v. Schuette that aimed to uphold the constitutionality of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative approved by voters into the Michigan Constitution in 2006. A strong advocate for conservative activism, Gratz received the Ronald Reagan Award from CPAC in 2007 for her commitment to conservative activism.

State Senator John Pappageorge stated: “Dave Trott understands how to build a business and succeed in the private sector. His honest approach is exactly the type of leadership we need. I proudly endorse David Trott.” Pappageorge graduated from West Point in 1954 and served a distinguished career in the military. In 1998, Pappageorge was elected to serve in the Michigan State House of Representatives and was elected in 2006 to serve in the Michigan State Senate. Pappageorge is well-known as a principled conservative leader.

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson: “Dave Trott is an outstanding job-creator and community leader. I admire his record of conservative fiscal responsibility. Trott has integrity and has the know-how to be an outstanding Congressman, if elected. It is without hesitation I endorse Dave Trott for Congress.” Patterson is currently serving in his 6th 4-year term as Oakland County Executive. As the chief elected official for Oakland County, Patterson is widely regarded as one of the best managers of public government in the nation. Patterson’s commitment to strong fiscal controls and three-year line-item budgeting has earned Oakland County a AAA bond rating, which only 36 out of the nation’s 3,200 counties have earned.

In addition to the conservative leaders listed above, and more than 140 other local endorsements, the Trott campaign indicated additional endorsements will be announced in the coming weeks. Earlier this week, Trott’s third quarter fundraising report indicated he raised more than $650,000 from 275 donors.

Dave Trott is a conservative Republican running in Michigan’s 11th District. For more information, please visit