Bob McKenzie’s Dangerous Border Security Policies Revealed on FlashPoint

McKenzie Advocates Open Borders Policy; Criticizes U.S. For Spending Too Much on Border Security

Commerce, MI – Congressional Candidate Dave Trott debated Democratic opponent Bobby McKenzie on WDIV’s Flashpoint, moderated by Devin Scillian this morning. McKenzie’s advocacy of dangerous border security policies including: open borders between the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Africa; less funding for border security; and public criticism of US immigration policies that support greater security was a focal point.

In McKenzie’s 2013 book, “Long Journeys, African Migrants on the Road,” McKenzie criticizes the United States for overspending on border security.  McKenzie went as far as claiming that governments were “overstating the threat posed by migration.”

“Mr. McKenzie’s support of open borders and less security is wrong, dangerous and out of touch with Michigan families,” stated Megan Piwowar, Campaign Manager for Dave Trott.  “Mr. McKenzie’s criticisms of those who seek to secure our borders and prevent illegal immigration threaten Michigan communities. There is no overstating the threat of illegal immigration. We must secure our borders, especially during this time of health crisis and national uncertainty. Mr. McKenzie cannot be trusted to protect our families.”

In addition to advocating dangerous policies, McKenzie criticizes the amount of money countries are spending to protect their borders and force immigrants to enter a country legally. McKenzie goes on to accuse the United States, as well as other nations working to control illegal immigration, of having negatively changed the way illegal immigration should be viewed in his opinion.  McKenzie writes, “That western states are spending so much on migration controls and management systems illustrates the extent to which uncompromising interpretations of irregular migration have shaped global opinion and imprinted themselves on immigration legislation and policies.  In short, irregular migrants have been discursively reduced and crudely rendered in convenient images of victims and villains.”

“Today, Mr. McKenzie ignored his previous declaration supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants who have already entered countries illegally. Mr. McKenzie cannot defend his positions because they are indefensible,” said Piwowar.  “Dave is the clear winner of this debate. Dave believes that anyone who wishes to come into the United States must do so legally and through our formal immigration process.  From a health standpoint and from a homeland security standpoint, it is essential that we protect our borders from illegal immigration in order to ensure the safety of our citizens. While Dave addressed the real issues facing our country and articulated examples of job creating experience, Mr. McKenzie relied on cheap, personal attacks rather than offering substantive solutions that will benefit the district.”

A lifelong resident of Oakland County, Dave Trott has a proven track record of innovation with expertise in technology, legal affairs, and housing.  Throughout his career, Dave has created and saved 1,800 jobs in southeast Michigan.  He and his wife, Kappy, have three children and live in Birmingham. For more information, please visit